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Animated Crawling Zombie

Animated Crawling Zombie
Retail Value: $89.99
Our Sale Price: $74.99
Product #: VA90555

Animated Crawling Zombie The undead are rising from their shallow graves. Amazing crawling Zombie animated prop actually crawls along toward you! Has red light-up eyes for a great spooky effect! Length is about 2 feet, ...


Animated Hanging Phantom

Animated Hanging Phantom
Retail Value: $71.99
Our Sale Price: $59.99
Product #: MR123110

Animated Hanging Phantom Your haunted house isn't complete without ghouls and ghosts. Includes: 72-inch life-sized prop has blow-molded elongated head and hands with pose-able arms, light-up eyes, and a tattered costume with hood and gauze ...

Zombie Fogger

Zombie Fogger
Retail Value: $98.36
Our Sale Price: $81.97
Product #: MR124197

Gaseous Zombie Animated Fogger Standing 2ft tall, the Gaseous Zombie looks like he is pulling himself out of the ground - and then sprays the whole area with fog! Hard plastic frame is under his ...


Animated Zombie Clown

Animated Zombie Clown
Sale Item
Retail Value: $221.94
Our Sale Price: $184.95
Product #: MR124218

Zombie Clown Animated He is on the prowl at the carnival for his next victim! Includes: 6 foot tall Zombie clown character with metal frame, slush-PVC head and hands, blow molded chest ribcage, synthetic hair, ...


Animated Rising Creeper

Animated Rising Creeper
Retail Value: $269.94
Our Sale Price: $224.95
Product #: MR124325

Animated Rising Creeper A haunted doll with wants to play a game with you. Includes: Animated Creeper Character has a soft PVC head with a moving mouth and light-up eyes, a tattered costume with gauze ...


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Displaying 225 to 241 (of 241 products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]  ... 6  7  8  9   [100 per page]

Animated Props
Animated Halloween Props

Ghosts have been a part of every culture for centuries. There is something both fascinating and frightening about the possible whereabouts of the “dearly departed.” In some ancient cultures, people who died unexpectedly, unwillingly, or violently were thought to come back as evil-minded and hostile ghosts, their purpose to haunt the living. The reasoning for the haunting was thought to be some kind of act of retribution for their unseemly or untimely death.

Even in modern times, ghosts are still part of our culture. Humans are naturally fascinated and curious about all things paranormal. There is something enticing about a good ghost story around a campfire, or a really good scary movie that makes you literally jump out of your skin.

This Halloween, an eerie animated prop can authentically recreate that frightful skin crawling feeling with sudden motion or startling animation. There is something oddly exhilarating about that creepy, crawly, completely spooked-out feeling that you get when things jump out at you. Being jittery and scared is what Haunted Houses have been all about for years. To make sure your house is the most haunted one on the block this Halloween, be sure to include lots of our animated props- they really go bump in the night!

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