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Children Cat Costumes
Children Cat Halloween Costumes

Cats have been associated with Halloween since it’s inception. Black cats, in particular, will always be one of the symbols most thought of during Halloween time, along with witches, (of course) Jack O’ Lanterns, Ghosts, and a vast assortment of other monstrous creatures.

Halloween stems from an ancient Celtic celebration known as Samhain. During the Samhain festival it was thought the spirits of the deceased were released to roam about the earth one last time. Villagers were a bit frightened by this notion, as they knew perfectly well that some spirits were considered to be good, but still others might be evil. It became common practice to dress in disguise (or in costume) out of worries and genuine fear that the spirits of the dead would attempt to take over their bodies. The villagers thought that if they dressed up as if they were already dead, the spirits would leave them alone. It became also a fairly common thought at this time that the spirits of the dead were attracted to black cats, and perhaps would try to embody them instead.

In Medieval days, black cats became associated heavily with witches and witchcraft. The association still rings true to this day as one can hardly envision an old cackle-y witch without also thinking of her usual sidekick, a black cat. These days there aren’t too many witches with their cats running around, especially the ones supposedly flying on brooms up in the sky. Even though their existence is questionable, it doesn’t really seem to stop the deep association that witches and black cats have (and probably always will have) with Halloween.

We have a huge selection of really fun cat costumes for your child to choose from for Halloween or just for a great animal style dress up idea. We have everything from the very cute and cuddly cat costumes to the more traditionally for Halloween-style cat get ups. If your child wants something to MEOW about, these costumes are the perfect choice. Here kitty, kitty…

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