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Halloween Music & Videos

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A recent Gallup Poll surveyed Americans and discovered that about 37% percent of the people surveyed believe in haunted houses. A haunted house is one that is supposedly inhabited by the disembodied spirits of those who are deceased. Sometimes the spirits doing the haunting are former residents of the house in question, and often the supernatural activity can be traced back to an unusual circumstance in the home, like a violent or untimely death or suicide.

So what happens in a house that is really haunted? Unexplained noises, footsteps, and banging sounds often have a logical explanation, but sometimes they don’t. Cabinet doors, cupboards and other doors that are found left open at odd and unexplained intervals are worth considering, too. Lights that flicker, or go on and off without a cause can also be a sign that paranormal activity may be at play in the house. Personal items, (such as car keys) that mysteriously disappear, and reappear is not only annoying but it could also be the work of a playful spirit that is having fun toying with you, or perhaps is trying to get your attention. Finally, sometimes your dog or cat will sense that something is paranormally active long before you do. If your animal is barking at nothing or acting strangely, perhaps you’ve got a ghost or two about, and he is picking up on its presence long before you do.

More likely than not, the only way you are really going to create a “haunted house” is through carefully orchestrated special effects, including lights, sounds and music. If you are looking to recreate what looks and sounds like a haunted house, our selection of DVD’s and music is just what you need! Instructional DVD’s on how to create realistic (not to mention frightening) special Halloween effects through projection techniques, make up and sound are just some of the subjects offered. Ghastly Halloween sound effects and scary music CD’s are also available that will be the perfect soundtrack for your haunted house or Halloween party. If you want your Halloween to be filled with sounds of things that really go bump in the night, you need to look no further!

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