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Marbo Card Penetration

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Marbo Card Penetration 

Trick Everyone!

Includes: An elegant walnut box with holes in the lid and the base is displayed. The interior is just large enough to hold a single playing card, which when inserted will block all passage thru the holes. A gleaming steel ball bearing completes the set. The card in place, the ball bearing is allowed to roll around the lid, finally dropping into the hole. It is momentarily stopped by the card, but the magician commands the ball to pass, and it does, as though it drifted through melted butter. The card can be plainly seen through the holes from both sides. The impossible happened... solid through solid. There is no place for the card to have moved to. The only conclusion was that what was witnessed was real. This is a real class fooler. Morris quality construction, hand rubbed walnut, complete and ready to work.

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