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We Are A Spotlight Award Winner

We Are A Spotlight Award Winner

We Are A Spotlight Award Winner

Category: Candy (Trick or Treat)

Ok, so you think candy isn't all that interesting? Ha! Think again. We receive lots and lots of inquiries from consumers about candy -- particularly those looking for Halloween themed candy. So we started to scour the web for candy related links. Wow! We were shocked at just how much is out there. Here's a list of 14 of our favorite websites related to candy. Eat up!


The Candy EnthusiastThe name of this website just about sums up what it’s all about.  This “all about candy” blog is written by a true candy lover—and is targeted to other candy lovers.   All the confectionary bases are covered here and anything you ever needed to know about any type of candy is documented in photographs with delectable descriptions attached.  You can search the site by holiday, candy type, by brand or even by country of origin.  Photographs along with mouth-watering descriptions are included.   Any candy your sweet tooth may be craving, you are going to find here in a very satisfying and tempting format.  Blogger Sera has made it her goal to try everything first so you wont have to.  But after a few minutes on this site you will want to, as this blog is sweet, sweet fun. 


The Candy GurusTwo middle-aged dads have the guts to admit and even embrace their love of candy.   These guys have taken that love and parlayed it into a very all- inclusive website that covers everything you’d ever need to know about most any kind of candy.  These guys clearly take the candy biz very seriously.   An easy to navigate website that has honest reviews of every kind of candy imaginable, including a rating of 1-10 stars for each.   The website is searchable or you can browse for candy by type or country of origin.  The Guru’s are sassy, irreverent and opinionated about candy.  There are also some very funny video reviews with honest live reactions.  The gurus are on top of what’s new and happening in the world of sweets—lots here that you’ve never even heard of—and if you are looking to get an honest opinion before you dive in and try something—this website is a great place to start.


Sugar PressureThis blog shares the blissful joy of candy with the world.   The reviews are descriptive and candid with lots of drool-worthy close up pictures.  This blog has covered many unique varieties of candy, not just your run of the mill supermarket varieties.   Careful descriptions of taste as well as texture are included along with a rating of each item.  The blog is divided up into many searchable subcategories so you can browse the site easily to find what you are looking for or you may see some new things you want to try.   Each candy item is photographed and many of the candies are even cut open so you can see what you might be biting into.   The retail prices of the items are listed and for what it’s worth--even the nutritional information is usually included.


Candy BlogThis blog has beautifully photographed and documented reviews of candy from all over the world.  Perusing this site is truly an adventure in sweet blissful confectionaries.  Many of the candies tested on the site are lesser known but all look interesting and some look very tempting indeed.  (Where has this stuff been hiding?)  How nice that someone has taken the time and trouble to scour the candy world for what’s new and wonderful out there--try it, review it and tell the world about the experience.   Ratings range from ”inedible” to “superb” and are included with very detailed descriptions.  Info such as where to purchase the candy, nutritional info and price is on the site as well.  If you are ready to take your sweet indulgences to a new and exciting level, check out this blog. 


Candy Yum YumThis blog shares in the passion of candy.  It has information about new products, and reminisces about beloved candies of yesteryear.  You will even find some recipes.  If you want reviews of the best candies out there or just some great ideas for unique sweet treats you might need to try, this website is one you’ll want to visit.  CandyYumYum claims that everyone deserves a piece—be sure to get yours, but read this website’s reviews first, of course. 


Wisconsin Candy DishA Wisconsin blogger takes the personal approach to candy (and dogs and a few other things…) and has created a beautiful blog site that is going to make anyone with a sweet tooth start salivating.  The pictures alone will make you hungry and start craving sweets (where is that chocolate…) and the honest candy reviews are informative and very descriptive.  Any candy connoisseur is going to enjoy the mental satiety of this bloggers candy experiences.


ZOMG CandyThe ZOMG Candy blog is a very all-inclusive blog designed to give good, (will make you kinda hungry) information to fellow candy lovers.  It’s easy to search for any type of candy on the site and there are large photographs and thorough descriptions of the candy being featured.  There is a lot here that’s new and unique mixed in with some of the old stand by retro favorites as well.  This blogger has done all the homework for you—now all you have to do is go find your favorites and enjoy.  Sweet! 


To Do CandyTo you and I Tuesday is just Tuesday but on this blog site, Tuesday is Candy Tuesday—which to this blogger is the perfect day to review a candy via a video review.  The lip smacking reviews and live descriptions are fun and personal and if you want to see a candy addict on video sampling the goods, this is a great site for you.  She’s passionate about Skittles and a lot of other sweets—you will see this blogger clearly enjoys her candy! 


The Candy ProfessorThis blogger has taken a whole new angle and approach to candy.  This is not a review site that you can refer to in order to see what candy she liked or didn’t like.  Nope, this blogger takes a much broader and more historical view of the candy itself.  This blogger explores candy’s place in our history, culture and our society.   She is more interested in who ate what and why than what is good and tasty In the candy aisle at your store right now.  Some very interesting posts here, her viewpoints are very well researched and thoughtful as well as thought provoking.  If you are interested in exploring candy’s place in our history and culture this site is worth perusing.


Beth Kimmerle CandymoniumBeth Kimmerle is a candy historian and has written several books all about candy.  This blog site has information and newsworthy pieces about candy-related subjects and other topics that are of note and will be interesting to any other die-hard candy connoisseur.  Links and information on her 4 books about candy and candy related subjects are also featured on the site.  


Gigi’s ReviewsGigi’s Reviews is a site dedicated to reviewing all things edible.  Not just candy mind you, (although there is plenty of that lurking about Gigi’s site) but rather, all sorts of yummy-licious looking stuff.  Most of the reviewed food items are somewhat lesser known products and could be considered by some to be a little off the beaten path. This is definitely part of the allure of these reviews, however.  You might actually learn something about a new product that you aren’t completely familiar with yet you might be interested in trying.  Gigi’s braved lots of unchartered food territory before you—her reviews might save you the trouble of going altogether or get you out on a food adventure of your own. 


Obsessive SweetsObsessive Sweets is another fabulously fun candy review blog that is well written and is mouth wateringly photographed to boot.  The site is organized so that you can search by type of candy (or holiday) or by a particular brand name.  Each candy has a close up picture, is reviewed along with a description (often humorous) and then given a rating of 1-5.  The five rating is the equivalent of “sublime”—the rating of one means, simply put—“spit it out!”  Lots of new on the market candies are reviewed here along with many nostalgic favorites.  There is also tons of stuff you didn’t even know existed.  Obsessive Sweets really has her ear to the candy ground and if you want to eat it—she’s probably beat you to it and written all about it.  Check this site out.


Snack LoveThis blog, confection-ately known as “Snack Love” is a site devoted to the sampling and reviewing of candy, gum, soft drinks and other snack foods.  Although the reviews are predominately about candy, the other variety of products seen here might also entice you.  Lots of out of the ordinary products were reviewed (many from other countries) and yet there are still lots of the new products you will see at your local convenience store as well.  Each product is close-up photographed, reviewed for taste and texture and then given a grade A-F, just like back in school.  A feature that is really cool about this site is that you can search for products based on their “grade”…so for example, if you want to go see everything that Snack Love gave the big fail—you can do that. 

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