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We Are A Spotlight Award Winner

We Are A Spotlight Award Winner

We Are A Spotlight Award Winner

Category: Green / Environmental

When it comes to the environment, there's no shortage of websites dedicated to all things green. And while Halloween doesn't tie in directly, we get a lot of inquiries from consumers wanting to know more about environmentally friendly merchandise. So, we set out to compile a list of websites that offer "green" advice. And there's plenty of it to go around! Take a look at our picks of some of the top sites in this category.


This site is loaded with great money saving tips and ideas that are also eco-friendly.  Coupons, shopping deals as well as giveaways are described on the site with appropriate links.  Consumers can learn about new products that are also environmentally friendly in the reviews section.  The food safety tab covers a vast array of topics from eating well to organic dining.  In addition to lots of coupons, product reviews and giveaways there are many tantalizing recipes on the site that you can experiment with. 


This is a great website for anyone interested in living a green, eco-friendly existence.  This site outlines the latest new (as well as green) products, has lots of environmental news and information on current events and in general talks about how to live a greener lifestyle.  There are lots of informative articles about everything from recycling to water conservation.  If you are new to living “green” this a great site for getting information on a very wide range of environmental topics.


Great Green Goods is an eclectic website that features nothing but products or items that are made of recycled materials.  A wide variety of items are featured and reviewed.  On the site you will see lots of creative artwork made from recycled things as well as home décor items.  There are many ideas of things you can make yourself if you are creative and want to reuse something and make it useful a second time.  All the products and ideas on the site will make your life better while still using healthy materials and green principles to do so.  The “press” section has links to featured articles with great “green” living tips and topics.


There is a lot of information to be found on “The Goode Life” website.   In fact, the site is almost like a lifestyle magazine—there is so much “Goode” to be found within the site.  A wide range of postings cover a  vast range of topics such as gifts, design, food, books, life lessons, positive messages, music and a variety of projects.  All this—and much, much more is included within this blog.  If you are looking for interesting things to read or just some creative and new ideas to explore this is a fun site.


This site might very well be letting off a little “green” steam and according to the blogger, the site could even save your life.  The Green Steam blog outlines various ways you can be safer and live better.  It discusses ways to properly dispose of toxic materials and other information important to consumers.  Potentially dangerous ingredients found in food are outlined along with what the risks of ingesting such things could be.  Consumer products that could have potential dangerous ingredients are also discussed at length.  If you are interested in learning about things commonly used in your daily life that may also be dangerous or hazardous to you, this is an interesting and invaluable blog to read.


Franke James merges art, science and storytelling to make our world a better place.  Author Franke James embodies environmental and social change.  Her award-winning book, “Bothered by My Green Conscience” and her visual essay, “What Can One Person Do when 6.8 Billion are Frying the Planet” have been read by people all over the world.  Frankie’s website is packed with visual essays on various environmental topics including information on workshops and her books.  Book reviews are also available on the site. 


On this website you will find over 1200 articles centered on the topic of clean air.  You will breath easier as you peruse the pages describing the cleanest air vacation destinations.  There are also articles that detail real solutions to solving air pollution issues.  Articles that discuss smog’s effect on your health are part of the site as well as simple changes you can make in your lifestyle that will ultimately help air quality.  If you are concerned about smog and other air quality issues this website is packed with lots of information.  This blog is a breath of fresh air! 


This blog is jam packed with quality information that is going to make anyone’s life better.  If you’ve ever wondered about the effects of pharmacological products on your health and wellness this site is going to be of interest to you.  The site focuses on topics that promote putting the wellness of health and earth at the forefront and discusses at length numerous toxicities both in our environment as well as those that may be found within our health care system. The subjects are well researched and documented with appropriate links for further learning.  This is website that is truly addicting as it applies to everyone and explores alternative possibilities for a greener as well as healthier existence. 


A stay at home mom documents her family journeys while she lives in the “little green house” as she affectionately calls her home—paying due homage to the green eco-friendly lifestyle that they are trying to live.   Recipes, ideas for greener living, musings from everyday “green” life abound at this site.  The site hasn’t been updated in quite some time so whatever information you are going to get from it is probably going to be it for awhile, but still lots of good stuff is to be found within “the little green house.”


Ever wonder if there was something creative you could do with a soda can besides throw it into the trash?  Are you curious about which laptop computer is the most “green?”  These are the types of topics and article subjects that you will find down on Eco-street.  Lots of information, research and reviews on green products in addition to informative postings covering subjects such as Eco-energy, Eco-Art, Eco-fashion, Recycling and transportation.  This site is a tremendous resource for product information and a green lifestyle.


This site has the feel of an online woman’s magazine for the ecologically minded.  The articles are geared toward women’s interests with a heavy dosing of eco-fashion and other articles on women’s health and beauty products.    If you have a passion for trendy clothes but want to buy the most eco-fashion finds out there –this site has beautiful pages dedicated to really modern and trendy (as well as earth friendly) fashions.  As the site claims, Eco-chick exists because “Mother Nature is a Woman.”  Have fun while you are going green, girls.


This LA beach resident’s blog is filled with information on how to live a green life-urban style.  There is so much useful information found on this blog—from cool places to shop for recycled clothing, to where/how to get your hair tested for mercury levels.  Even if you don’t live in LA (or near the beach for that matter) you are going to find the articles informative and easy to read.  Beautifully photographed, it is easy to get really hungry when you see the tempting and delicious looking food that is featured within the site.  This site has lots of fun and easy recipe ideas as well.   There are many great ideas for any city dweller that wants to live an eco-friendly life in challenging times. 


The Good Human is a great destination for all who desire to be better inhabitants of the earth.   The site contains numerous ideas as well as musings on how to help clean up our environment and how to become involved in important political issues. 
Awareness of how each person’s actions affect our world is stressed on this website as well as ideas on how to contribute to a cleaner and greener existence on our planet.   The Good Human is a great resource for people to learn about ways to “go green” and how to improve our environment as a whole.    Newbies to the site can start with the “New Here” category that has some basic and important articles to read to get you started on your “going green” adventure.  Here you will learn how to pick the best reusable water bottle and the importance of small changes in your lifestyle that can make a big difference.


This is an intelligent and well-written blog that encourages a responsible awareness and green way of living—but without sacrificing your personal style or panache.   The trials and tribulations of living green are addressed without giving up the joys and virtues of modern living.  Apparently you really can have it all—and still live an eco-friendly existence.  The numerous earth friendly ideas and anecdotal postings will keep you interested in perusing the pages of  “The Accidental Ecomaniac” for quite some time.  All things green are covered within the site.  The blog is sassy, beautiful and is truly a breath of fresh (clean) air. 


Is it easy being green?  This blog attempts to answer that question by journaling daily adventures in attempting a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.  The posts explored on the website address a wide range of eco-friendly topics in an easy, neighborly style that isn’t intimidating.  Topics on the site include air quality, composting, energy, food, green shopping, recycling and much more.  Reading this blog is akin to chatting with your neighbor over the fence about everything “green.”  This site is a very fun as well as educational read. 


This NYC blogger believes that being healthy isn’t complicated, being green is easy, too and being broke isn’t an option!  If you are striving for a greener existence but are working within a few budgetary constraints this site is loaded with do-it-yourself ideas for projects, healthy eating suggestions (and recipes!) and lots of inexpensive as well as eco-friendly tips to make your life easier and better.



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