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We Are A Spotlight Award Winner

We Are A Spotlight Award Winner

We Are A Spotlight Award Winner

Category: Haunted / Paranormal Attractions

Haunted and paranormal attractions are popular during the Halloween season but we were surprised at how many of these sites are active year round. Turns out that lots of folks take this stuff seriously. Here's a list of our top picks in this category. Be forewarned .... many of these sites are just plain scary. Be prepared to be scared!


This site contains some really scary stuff.  This blogger documents through sound recordings, video recordings and photographs the paranormal activity that is actually happening day to day in their own (probably haunted) house. Be warned, if you scare easily some of the recordings, videos and photographs may really, really scare you.  This is a fascinating site for the paranormally curious.


This site has taken old -fashioned portrait art to a new and very spooky place.  Old style Victorian style photographs are created to morph right before your eyes from a very proper portrait into a gruesome and ghoulish frightful face.  No batteries required –these special effects are subtle yet the end result is frightfully dramatic.  Even the most beautiful woman transforms right before your eyes into a truly frightful and ghoulish sight. These portraits may be the perfect frightening accessories to hang on your wall this Halloween.


Timothy Haskell blogs about ways in which he is going to try to scare the bejesus out of you.  Timothy is more than qualified for this frightful task, as he is the creator as well as the director of the annual Nightmare: New York’s Most Horrifying Haunted House.  The most recent of these being Nightmare: Vampires in NOHO.  You will find insider thoughts and musings from Timothy as well as some sneak peaks as to what might be up and coming in the latest installments of Nightmare.  If you are a fan of haunted houses you should check out this site.


This website/blog is dedicated to all things Horror and has a very complete and eclectic collection of insights, dark humor and information on what’s happening in the gruesome world of horror.  A large part of the site is devoted to reviewing both classic and new horror films and blogger Brian Solomon offers critiques and opinions on the movies as well.  Brian claims to have a “love affair with all things blood and guts” and it shows.  If you are interested in exploring the depths of the horror genre more intimately, this website is going to give you lots of frightening fodder for your passion.  The video clips alone are going to keep you entertained for a very long time.  Lots of gruesome stuff here with plenty of gore, too.  If horror is what you are into, this site is a top notch pick. 


This beautiful website is a blog dedicated to the reviewing of YA/MG (young adult/middle-grade) books primarily in the following categories:  Fantasy, Mystery, Action & Adventure, Thrillers, Horror, Paranormal and Supernatural.  Each book is photographed, reviewed and then given a rating by the blogger (from 1-5 pineapples, 5 being the highest).  An alphabetical listing of the titles that have been reviewed is featured on the site so you can easily find the title you are looking for.  There is also a “Vintage Reads” category if you are interested in an older title. 


This award-winning paranormal blog has much to entertain those who are seeking a good ghost story, want to learn something new about the paranormal or just want to get a little creeped out.  Ghost stories, historical ghost culture, reviews of haunted places, scary movie reviews, etc., can all be found on this blog site.  Blogger Jessica covers a very wide range of paranormal topics on this site and you are bound to find much that is both scary and interesting lurking inside it.


This site is almost too beautiful to be a blog about anything paranormal or spooky.  This blog site has stunning photographs of what are purported to be “probably haunted” locales along with the applicable folklore and back-stories.  The site looks more like a travel site than anything spooky but will have vast appeal to those who are curious but don’t necessarily have the spine for anything too grisly.  There are several cool and spooky legends detailed here as well—very interesting stuff and if you have an inkling to travel to some legendary haunted places, this is a site you would want to explore first. 


A website dedicated to all things weird, paranormal or just plain abnormal that are happening in Connecticut.  These bloggers aren’t ghost hunters nor are they skeptics—they are just curious, open-minded folks that are trying to see what’s going out there in the world—and perhaps in the world beyond as well.  The blog is focused on all things Connecticut—particularly (perhaps) haunted places, strange phenomenon, eerie legends and bizarre places to visit.   Because the focus is on the state of Connecticut, the range of information is somewhat limited, but what’s here is presented in a very interesting way so even if you aren’t from CT—check it out.


This online blog outlines potential travel destinations that have a “mysterious or macabre” twist to them.  Have you been itching to visit someplace where something really frightful occurred?  This site is loaded with potentially really great (albeit a bit frightful) ideas.  There is lots of amazing photography featured on the site so you can get a great pictorial tour while you are making your considerations…(how scary is this going to be?)  Tales of this bloggers adventures at the visited sites are included so you can get an accurate picture of how worthwhile each potential destination is.  Lots here that you’ve never heard of—and some places with legendary lore that you may be anxious to explore as well. 


Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and head on over to the Ghost Lounge.  Here you will find a bit of groupthink regarding lots of things paranormal that are bound to pique your interest.   There is lots of discussion about some of the new paranormally based TV shows as well as what’s “real” and what’s not.  Whether you are a believer in ghosts or not you are bound to find the topics discussed on this site are engaging as well as entertaining.  Even the most die-hard skeptics may be left wondering and get a little bit of spine chill as well.


Ghost Hunting THEOR1E5 is quite an amazing and very eclectic blog site created by author and self-proclaimed ghost hunter Autumn Forest.  This site has just about every aspect of the paranormal addressed in a sassy, irreverent and take–no-prisoners kind of way.  The site is easy to navigate and is divided up into several subcategories so you can easily find what you are looking for.  Some of the categories featured include ghost hunting, ghost stories, theories and the hilarious section featuring Dale the Doll.   Dale (who is brought to life by ventriloquism—or ?) has a few videos documented as well as crazy adventures of his own that are definitely worth checking out.  If you are interested in exploring the world of the paranormal, ghosts or just want to hear blogger Autumn poke fun at some paranormal TV shows—this is a great site to feed your ghostly curiosity.    



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