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We Are A Spotlight Award Winner

We Are A Spotlight Award Winner

We Are A Spotlight Award Winner

Category: Horror Movie Resources

Horror movies are a staple of the Halloween season. And there literally thousands of website dedicated to all things Horror. Our experience has been that people either love or hate the horror movie genre. Doesn't appear to be any middle ground. Here's our picks for some of the more interesting horror movie related websites.


Do you want to know if a particular horror flick that you’ve heard about is worth your time and money?  If so, this is the site for you.  On this site you will find very thorough reviews of horror flicks with a few pics included from the films themselves.   The movie selection is random as well as eclectic which is actually good because if the movies were mainstream it would be very easy to find other reviews for them on the web.  This site has focused on movies that you may not have seen (yet) or perhaps haven’t even heard of.  If you are looking for a useful source of great information on horror movies, this is a great site to check out. 


This blog is a true feast for any horror fanatic especially if you crave classic horror from days gone by.  There is a blood-curdling bounty of vintage creepy stuff found in Zombo’s closet.  You will find movie reviews including BAD movie reviews (which will spare you some pain) and plenty of articles about horror related topics to keep you busy and interested.  There are lots of vintage photos featured on the site for those who like to reminisce about the old time freaky horror stuff.    The writing is upbeat and witty—if you want to visit a site that takes a fun perspective and has a great overview on all things horror--take a trip back in time with Zombo. 


In this blogger’s words, David Z’s blog spot is a one man’s journal documenting his trip through the swamps of mangled media.  If you are looking for movie reviews of the more horrifically obscure, B movies, movie clips, and still photos from older, harder to find horror movies this site has it there waiting for you.  Lots of vintage horror comics as well as horror book reviews can be found here .  If you are looking for a simply shocking smorgasbord of what’s obscure and interesting in the horror genre, head on over to David’s site.


If you are a horror fan who is price-conscious or on a budget you are going to love this site!  This site was created and is geared toward horror fans that are also looking to indulge their hobby without breaking the bank.  The site details great stuff out there in the world of horror that is completely affordable.  This site also has numerous horror film as well as book reviews, interviews, contests as well as the latest in horror news.  The site is incredibly user friendly and well organized so you can navigate easily to the information you are looking for.  Some of the subcategories you can search are book reviews, film reviews, spotlights, splurge of the week—and many more.  Whether you are a die-hard horror fan or just looking for something new and interesting to surf, you are going to love this site.


This website is a horror movie fan’s dream!  This is a site dedicated to reviewing horror movies.  Nearly every horror movie (the good, the bad and the really bad…) can be found here.  The site is divided up into The Vault (where the great horror flicks are listed alphabetically), The Dungeon (a dumping ground for the truly bad of the horror genre) as well as a category for “average”.  A couple of other bizarre categories exist to peruse as well.  If you are considering seeing a film you can read the basic plot, read the review, watch a clip and perhaps see a few still photographs.  This site is an absolute must have resource for any horror film fan. 


DVD fiend is a very nice movie review blog that encompasses and reviews a variety of on DVD (mostly horror) movies.  The author, a self-proclaimed “home video” junkie honestly, candidly and with a bit of attitude reviews his home viewing stash as he makes his way through it.  Although there are many horror flicks as part of the list this blogger has reviewed other movie genres as well.  The site has many trailers to watch for your viewing pleasure.


This is a great blog/website for all things Halloween!  There is lots of Halloween-related articles about anything making ghostly (and frightful) news.   TV shows, movies, hauntings, legends and all sorts of spooky topics are covered in this section.  There is an entire category devoted to Halloween costumes.  Here you will find what’s new and happening as well as what’s hot for Halloween (or other) dress up events.  If you need costume ideas this is a great resource.  You will also find a games and entertainment section.  There is some serious Halloween-related fun on this site!


This site is an all inclusive horror movie review site.  The listing of movies is extensive and is easily searchable alphabetically.  The site also has a few other horror-related features that include interviews as well as news.  If you are looking for an educated opinion on a scary movie you’ve thought about watching or just want to look for some new horror film titles that might pique your interest this site is a great resource.


This blog is much more than a site to read horror movie reviews.  This site has a completely freaky collection of movies available to watch online-- for free!   Instant gratification has never come so easily to the horror genre fan.   You will want to bookmark this site for that reason alone and revisit it often, as many of these movies are vintage and hard to find.  The free movies are probably reason enough to love this website but there is still more.  A massive collection of horror movie reviews is on the site as well as numerous movie trailers that will allow you to preview many horror films—it’s just enough to wet your appetite.   Add interviews and lots of links to boot—and what you have is a website that is a horror fan’s ultimate playground. 


It’s a hellish goal but someone’s got to do it.  This blogger (a self proclaimed wise ass with an odd sense of humor) has decided that he is going to watch a horror film every day—and then blog about it.   There are reviews—but the blogger’s intent was to open each movie up for discussion more than to just review it.   Comments are encouraged but you have to watch the movie first if you have something to say.  If you are looking for a lively online discussion of a particular horror flick, check this site out!


“Movies at Midnight” is a movie review site that focuses on reviewing primarily films from the horror and sci-fi genres.  You will find a large alphabetical listing of all the movies that are reviewed, so if you are looking for a particular film to read about it should be fairly easy to find. Photos from the films are included along with some movie clips.  If you are looking for another opinion on a movie, this is a great place to start.


If you want the latest information about the newest horror films this site is one you are going to want to check out.  The website features information and reviews on the latest releases in horror (and other closely related genres.)  The reviews are a great tool to help you decide if the film is worth your money or not.  There is also a complete listing of what feature films are going to be released and when.  You die-hard fans can start planning and will get very excited about what’s new and upcoming.  There are lots of movie trailers to watch here too.  It’s nice to have them all in one place, a definite plus.  If you are a horror fan that just can’t wait to see what’s new out there—“Box of Horror” is going to be your ticket.


This site features another horror movie fanatic who is throwing his opinion into the movie review ring.  Lots of great horror movies are featured on this blog site along with numerous photos from the films.  The basic plots are outlined and due warning is given for any spoilers that exist.  If you are a horror movie freak you will appreciate the honest and candid reviews written by this die-hard horror fan.  The site is easy to navigate so you can find archived reviews, etc.  There are some fun subcategories to check out as such as the “Do Not Watch” archive, “The Latest in Guilty Pleasures” and “Horror Hotties.”  This site really does have something for every horror fan. 


Donít let the title of this site scare you away. Brutal As Hell is a great Horror movie resource site complete with reviews, recommendations, interviews and more. Here you will find honest movie reviews and comments complete with trailers from the latest releases. Candid interviews and brutal talk with film makers and directors like Drew Daywalt, Cary Elwes, Ashley Bell and many others. Need a quick horror fix? Check out their Horror in Short section for short horror movies and interview out takes. In their Editorís Choice section you get an honest review from the selected editor, their takes and comments on the horror film industry and more. I love their Play At Your Own Risk category. Iíve been there before myself Ė wondering if the movie is as good as the cover art. Well, they break down a few movies here for you. So head on over. Youíll find the site full of Horror Without Mercy!  


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