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We Are A Spotlight Award Winner

We Are A Spotlight Award Winner

We Are A Spotlight Award Winner

Category: Superhero / Kids Movie Links

It seems that the superhero theme never dies. For at least the past 50 years, comic book, tv and movie superheros have been capturing the imaginations of kids (and adults) around the world. Of course it helps that Hollywood continues to pump out major motion picture releases every year or two with a superhero at the center of the plot. The number of websites dedicated to superhero topics is truly over-whelming. Even when we narrow it down to just kids related, the list still is signicant. So we did our best to pull a list of our top picks. Take a look ...



This is a great blog site for all things Star Wars.  If you are a Star Wars fanatic or if you just want to re-live one of the greatest movie franchises of all time, this site is a tremendous resource and features tons of great information related to Star Wars.  You will find a basic plot synopsis of each of the Star Wars movies, a very comprehensive listing of Star Wars terminology, the latest in Star Wars news, Star Wars trivia and much, much more.   If you are interested in becoming a part of the great Star Wars fan community this website is a great place to start in the conversation. 



A self proclaimed Star Wars geek blogs about anything and everything related to Star Wars, Mac Computers and in general the “Geek” galaxy.  The site contains an eclectic mix of articles written for Star Wars (as well as Apple) fans and movie buffs.  If you are looking for interesting reads that feature a Star Wars theme in addition to other film topics you will love this site.  In addition to a focus on film, the blogger also writes about television, interactive entertainment and a plethora of other topics that any true unabashed geek is going to find entertaining as well as interesting. 



If you are a fan of Transformers you must read this blog.  All things pertaining to Transformers are covered in depth on this site.  The site is loaded with informative posts about the Transformer movies, including interviews from behind the scenes as well as numerous trailers from the movies themselves.  News regarding Transformer toys is on the site as well as useful articles and reviews on the toys from someone who has purchased and seen them. If you love Transformers, you will want to head on over to “Transformers Live” for an amazing online bonanza of Transformer information.



This site is an extremely complete information smorgasbord on all things to do with Transformers.  Any fan of this major movie franchise is going to want to spend hours perusing the contents of this blog.  The movies themselves are covered as well as any and all toys that are coming out to correlate with the movie.  Toy reviews along with detailed pictures are featured in each section.  Transformer categories are easily searchable from the front page and are divided up into American and Japanese sections.  The information you will find on the site includes articles and reviews on Transformer books, television programs, music, comics, games, podcasts, videos and much, much more.  This site is a must read for any die-hard Transformer fan and you will find hours of interesting and useful information within.



Are you crazy about comic books?  This website is going to be one you will not want to miss.   “A Comic Book Blog” is packed with information about all comic books.  You will find listings of comics, links to several comic book blogs and a plethora of comic book or comic-related reviews.  Television programs as well as movies are reviewed.  There is an entire subcategory dedicated to the review of most comic book movies and it contains useful information you will want to read before you hit the theatre or rent a DVD.  A newbie section contains the basic info you need about DC comics, Batman and more. 



If you are a Batman fan, the Batman blog is going to be both useful as well as informative.   The focus of this blog is on Batman themed games,  movies and graphic novels.  The site is very visually appealing and has numerous photographs from comics and movies.  You will also find numerous movie trailers to watch on the site.   The large amount of photos and pictures on the site is one of it’s best features—even if you don’t have time to read a lot of the articles there are so many really cool photos on this page it’s worth the trip over just to take a peek at these. 



The Greenie Gobbie blog is a site dedicated to all things related to Spiderman.  The latest Spiderman news?  It’s here.  The latest info on Spiderman movies?  It’s here, too.  The scoop on Spiderman video games?  It’s on this site as well.   If it has anything to do with Spiderman the Green Gobbie has got it covered for you in an easy to navigate and search website.   Lots of photographs, comics and movie trailers to feed your Spiderman habit can be found here as well.  If you still need more Spidey stuff- a discussion forum is found on the site so you can discuss Spidey related topics with other fans.



Harry Potter fans unite!  Beyond Hogwarts has in depth discussion topics and articles for you to peruse related to all things Harry Potter.  Although active discussion has been closed there is plenty there to read for new fans to discover if you are picking up Harry Potter for the first time.   The site was created to prepare Harry Potter fans for the reality that the last Harry Potter book has been written and there would be no more new books to read.  The site is a place for fans to unite and discuss the Harry Potter septology as well as to commiserate with other fans about the ultimate reality that no more new Harry Potter books are forthcoming.   There are parts of the Harry Potter book series that fans will be debating forevermore—beyond Hogwarts is the perfect forum to bring those viewpoints.



This is a stunningly beautiful pictorial blog that explores the Christian symbolism and themes in Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and Narnia.   The site is packed with vivid pictures from these movies and movie trailers and clips abound.  There are informative articles written about the movies as well as reviews and opinions.  Important release dates for special DVD sets and other information for fans are included.  If you are a fan of any of these films, you are going to think this site is a visual feast!


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