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Universal Flash Kit

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CATEGORIES: Special Effects

Universal Flash Kit

Flash On! 

Imagine utilizing flash units so small, they can be hidden in a cigarette pack, yet powerful enough to create full stage size effects. This kit contains 1. Mini Flash pot 2. Wide Angle Flash Ejector 3. Table mount Flash gun 4. Suspended Aerial Burst. Also included: Special invisible 6 ft. leads. AA size battery hardware for mounting devices, and 6 surefire ignitors. Effects include: flash of fire or light, with or without smoke; puff of colored smoke; shooting fireball; flash of fire and smoke in mid-air. All units have terminals that can be interchanged quickly with battery pack. NOTE: Requires flash paper and/or flash cotton, and/or Flash Powder, and 2 AA Alkaline Batteries. Some units use surefire ignitors (6 included in kit).

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