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A Resource Guide to the Renaissance Period

A Resource Guide to the Renaissance Period

Over the course of history, various periods of time have made strides in the advancement of man. However, one of the most prolific was the Renaissance Era. During this time, huge advancements were made in various fields. It was an era when art, music, science and religion had many great discoveries and advancements. It was during this time period that people such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Martin Luther, Galileo and many others had a profound effect on the future of the world.

The Renaissance period is generally credited with beginning in Italy and running from the 14th Century until the 17th Century. The center of the Renaissance in Italy was considered to be Florence. It was in this city where many of the famous people of this era gained prominence. However, the Renaissance soon spread to other parts of the world, and people began to add to the findings in this time period.

To help understand the far reaching effects of the discoveries of this time period, we have gathered a number of helpful resources covering a variety of topics. We hope that this helps you gain an understanding of the impact of the Renaissance Era.