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Find thousands of themed Halloween accessories and makeup to complete that special costume look! Everything to accessorize your Halloween costume. Become your favorite Halloween character when you have the right hat, wig, makeup or costume accessory.

Halloween Costume Accessories, Costume Makeup

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! From the prosthetic horns on your head to the tips of your go-go boots, the right accessories can make your costume go from drab to fab!

It’s no secret that accessories make the outfit.  They are an often overlooked when putting together an outfit or costume and it’s these simple essentials that can make all the difference.  Clothing accessories such as belts, scarves and jewelry are key essentials for a stylin night out.  However, Halloween costumes look to more theatrical accessories to bring a costume to life, accessories that range from glow in the dark hair gels and colored contacts to light sabers and tiaras.

Superman isn’t a superhero without his cape; a warrior can’t go into battle without his armor; a queen must have her crown and where would Dorothy be without her ruby red slippers?  All these accessories are imperative to complete the look of the costume itself.

At Halloween Express all the hard work of figuring out which accessories go with which costume has been done for you.  Every costume is pictured with the accessories designed to make the costume utterly flawless.  In most cases, you can even order the accessory at the same time you order your costume without leaving the costume page.  If not, you’ll find a link to the accessory you need making it very convenient to complete your order.

Another valuable accessory to any costume is makeup. Even though a multitude of costumes today have masks as part of the look, many rely on accessories such as makeup to put on the finishing touches; and it’s definitely not your mother’s makeup! Halloween makeup kits are so easy to apply since most are geared toward a specific costume. Clowns, werewolves, vampires and witches are just a few costumes in which makeup kits are readily available. Easy to follow instructions on how to apply the makeup for the best look, as well as application tools are included in each kit.

Finding good quality makeup is important. Cheap makeup can cause skin irritation and stop the pores in your skin from breathing. Here at, we have a wonderful selection of quality makeup products that are designed especially for Halloween, stage and/or screen. The appealing thing about Halloween makeup is that, unlike everyday makeup, it doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, those little mistakes and blemishes add character to the overall look.