50's Accessories

50's Costume Accessories

If you missed the 1950's or are just looking to re-live those super swell days via a really great retro costume style, we have everything you need to make that look happen with true hip 50's style. Our selection of 1950's accessories will make you look as if you just walked right out of the soda shop.

Doo wop, doo doo doo, doo wop! Are you ready to cut out of here and take a trip back in time to the fabulous 50's? The 1950's were clearly a decade of great times. The war was over and as the troops made their way back home to restart their lives, there was great excitement in the air. It's no wonder that some have referred to the 50's as "Happy Days." Many cool fads started in the 50's as well. Surely you haven't overlooked everyone's favorite toy to get your shimmy going, the Hula-hoop. If you have a thing for Frisbee's you can thank the 50's for bringing that wonderful discus sailing your way, too. Poodle Skirts and cat eye glasses aside, the 50's was a great decade to be a kid. With poodle gear, cat eye peepers and nest-y hairdos for girls along with slicked back pompadours and bowling shirts for guys, getting your 50's look together is going to be simply, no sweat. Start practicing your Jitterbug steps because on this night you are way too cool to be square.