60's & 70's Accessories

60's and 70's Accessories

Costume looks from these two decades are extremely popular to recreate and we have all the mainstay accessories that you are going to need to make your retro look both polished and decade perfect. These fabulous accessories will take you back to an era that is far too much fun to ever be truly forgotten.

Time to head "far out" to a place all about peace, love and Rock n' Roll-- the 60's and 70's of course. The sixties was a great time to be young, and living in the 1960's was truly an era that equated itself with eternal youth. The first batch of baby boomers became teenagers at this time and so this age group was around in abundance. These teens were bored with the stodgy and somewhat rigid mindset of the 1950's, and had a new way of thinking, craving change in their world. Influenced by many things of their day, in particular music and the Vietnam War, these young people professed to want a world driven by freedom, peace and love. Loose fitting "free" style clothing fashions influenced by Native American styles was very common including headbands, love beads, loose fitting vibrant tunics and sandals. The 1970's carried into it the vibrant colors worn in the 1960's, but the chic fabric of choice was now considered polyester. Polyester leisure suits for men were very popular and similar fabrics with very loud prints for both men and women were the norm. Long collars and wide ties were also considered very fashion forward during the 1970's. Disco music ruled the day, and movies such as Saturday Night Fever had a heavy influence on fashion trends for both men and women. From the sixties we have hippie hair wigs, Go-Go boots, Hippie shirts and Lennon glasses. From the seventies, we have numerous wigs, disco accessories, shoes as well as glasses.