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Recreating any costume look accurately is made possible through the use of really great accessories. Our fabulous selection of bracelets can either take you back centuries in history or bring a modern and edgy twist to a look straight out of the present.

Studded Belts, Skull Belts, Santa Belts and Bullet Belts! When you slip that favorite bracelet onto your wrist, it probably didn't occur to you that this is something that women (and some men, too) have been doing for centuries. As far back as 5000 BCE there is evidence of bracelet type jewelry being worn by the Ancient Egyptian people. These cuff bracelets are one of the most common symbols associated with this particular time period in history. The armlet, which is similar to a bracelet but worn further up on the arm near the upper shoulder was also very popular in the early days of history. Scarab bracelets were of such importance to these ancient people that it was believed that there was a Scarab God who actually was responsible for pushing the sun across the sky. Over time bracelets have been made from various materials including metal, leather, cloth and plastic. Bracelets are frequently adorned with various jewels, stones and shells. The type of bracelets worn varies according to fashion, but this type of jewelry has always had its place in history. Belts have also been around since Ancient days with their roots being noted as early as the Bronze Age. Belts have a useful purpose, quite simply to hold up pants or trousers, but depending on the era in time, have also made quite a fashion statement as well. From the early belts worn in the middle ages, to the studded belts donned by today's proponents of the punk culture, belts have always been an effective and useful fashion element. Utilitarian belts are still worn today in many professions such as by Police officers - the belt having appropriate pockets to hold pistols and other equipment.