Blood & Gore

Halloween Costume Blood and Gore

Our selection of special props, blood, make-up and prosthetics is going to put the gore back into gory this Halloween. These aren't minor flesh wounds by any means! Hey, Halloween is only once a year, so here's your chance to make your level of scary effects really, really big.

Fake Blood, Scars and Prosthetics! Remember as a child when you'd skin your knee and your mommy would clean up your boo-boo and put a band-aid on it? Okay, this isn't anything like that. Actually ever since the first black and white silent movies, fake blood and gore have been used to create a dramatic impact and horror. In the old days of black and white movies, filmmakers could get away with a lot more because movies weren't yet made in vivid color. Back in those days believe it or not, in order to create the look of blood or a bleeding wound, it was common to use good old chocolate syrup to achieve a really bloody, bleeding look. Ouch...or yum? Special effects and the props to create them have come a long way since those bygone days. With today's amazing make up effects, you can create very realistic wounds, scars, bullet holes, stitches, razor cuts and many other bloody boo boo's that would actually probably scare the begeezus out of your dear old mom.