Body Suits & Skin Suits

Halloween Body Suits and Skin Suits

Are you happy with the skin you’re in? Or are you looking for a quick and easy (and rather dramatic) change? Whether for a party, an event or even a big game, get ready to morph yourself instantly from ordinary human to something dramatically different with one of our fantastic skin or body suits!

These days, costume looks can go far beyond the usual ho-hum basics of yesteryear. Skin suits and body suits have changed the way many of us get into a costume. What makes these amazingly simple looks so dramatic and different? Well, simply put, a skin suit covers you from head to toe. So, essentially, once the skin suit goes on, it’s kind of like shedding your old skin for a new one--at least temporarily. Why is this SO cool? With a skin suit, you can conceal your identity and create a new one-- transforming yourself into anything you want to be. We have a huge array of skin suits --from brightly colored suits in every color of the rainbow to those that are carefully printed with dramatically realistic designs such as Anatomy Man or the Zombie Morph Suit. Looking for something that takes up a little more space? How about one of our inflatable skin suits--these easy to inflate body suits are an insanely hilarious take on our original skin suits and are a sure bet to get you noticed in a hurry. For all you gals out there that are just looking for something super slinky and sexy to help you get your game on--we’ve got skin suits and body suits a-plenty. These looks are not only figure flattering, but they are also one of the most eye-catching costume ideas out there. Try on some new skin today!