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Halloween Books, DVDs, and CDs

Get all the unique and eerie sounds of Halloween or learn the techniques of horror, make up, special effects and magic as taught by the masters with this very unique collection of Halloween books, CD's and DVD's.

Books, DVDs and CDs! It's kind of like the "just for Halloween" library. With so many spooky topics covered here, there is literally something for every imaginative mind to learn about and discover. We have plenty of instructional videos and DVD's to teach you how to do everything imaginable including card and other magic tricks, special effects that are just perfect for Halloween, cool make up techniques and even how to be a ventriloquist. No matter what you are itching to learn about, we undoubtedly have some great instructional materials to get you started on your new adventure. But it doesn't stop there. We also have a large selection of very frightening music and sound effect CD's and DVD's that are going to make your spook alley or Haunted House really come to life (or death...)