Bustiers & Corsets


Costume Bustiers and Corsets

The addition of a corset or bustier brings the mystery and intrigue of days gone by into even your most modern costume looks. Whether you are recreating a look from the past or are just adding a little bit of a sexy edge to your ensemble, corsets and bustiers are figure-enhancing accessories that are undeniably feminine. Tempted to add a corset to your next Halloween ensemble? Now may be the perfect time to add one of these amazing time-tested accessories to your fabulous costume look.

Brocade Corsets, Leather Corsets, Burlesque Corsets and Lace Bustiers! Many costume looks will reap the benefit from the simple addition of a bustier or corset. Originally, the corset was primarily a utilitarian garment worn by women underneath their clothing. The corset (or sometimes the bustier) was fabricated from sturdy fabric made even stiffer with boning. These lingerie pieces were laced up tightly, cinching in the waistline and enhancing the bustline at the same time. Once upon a time, the corset was a lingerie staple for women. Today the corset is far less basic. Many vintage looks require a corset. More modern costume looks are made downright sexy with the addition of one of these vintage-inspired pieces. Nowadays you are far more likely to see a corset worn on the outside rather than underneath the clothing--these garments need to be seen!