Capes, Coats & Vests

Capes, Coats and Vests

For an accessory that is going to make a strong fashion statement that completes your costume, look no further as our huge selection of capes and vests is going to have exactly what you are looking for.

Superhero Capes, Lab Coats and Zorro Accessories! A cape is a sleeveless article of clothing that often is worn as a wrap that covers only the back part of the body. Fastening at the neck, the cape falls freely from that point and drapes down the body. Capes have been in and out of fashion throughout history as far back as the middle ages where these simple garments were worn by both sexes and often had hoods. Later the use of capes often was associated with royalty or more affluent persons, and sometimes they had elaborate embroidered designs or insignia. Capes, for whatever reason, seem to be mandatory apparatus for superheroes. Probably because there is little that is cooler or more powerful looking than a cape fluttering in the wind as someone truly larger than life flies through the air. Vests are simply sleeveless jackets. Started as a mild affront to the French's elaborate fashions, King Charles the II invented the vest in order to make a fashion statement of his own - one that embraced frugality and simplicity. Today the use of capes and vests is very popular and practically necessary for some costume choices. Any decent Vampire wouldn't be caught dead (or alive) without his cape, and that goes for Superman, too. Vests come in handy for magicians and many other novelty looks that you might be creating for Halloween or other special events.