Cat & Kitty Accessories

Cat and Kitty Accessories

Whether you are choosing a literal interpretation of a cat with fur from head to toe, or a more whimsical and sexy version of a meowing feline, our cat accessories are going to give your cat costume some extra meow-factor. Cat ears, cat tails, cat hats, cat-in-the-hat hats, cat make-up kits and even cat-eye glasses are all great things to get you purring about. Our huge selection of cat and kitty accessories will surely bring out your inner furry feline. Meow!

Tails and Noses, Cat in the Hat and Cat masks! You'd be hard pressed to find a pet that is more popular than the cat. The cat has been known to be man's companion for nearly 9,500 years, largely because they are wonderful pets, but also throughout history their ability to catch various vermin and household pests is nearly unsurpassed. The cat is also one of the most popular animal symbols associated with Halloween. Throughout history, this nocturnal, solitary hunter has been both revered and feared by man. The cat and its mysterious connection to witches and witchcraft will always have something mystical as well as superstitious about its persona as well. There is no denying that cats and kitties are always a popular choice for costume dress up, particularly for Halloween, and the range of cats or cat-like characters is vast.