Childrens Shoes & Hosiery

Childrens Shoes and Hosiery

Our large selection of children's footwear (and lots of hosiery selections, too!) will give you many styles to choose from to help complete that perfect costume look that your child craves for imaginative playtime or for Halloween dress up fun.

Barbie shoes, Power ranger shoes, girls tights, girls pantyhose and Shoe tops! Shoes have been around since nearly the beginning of time in fact; the earliest shoes were linked to the time period of around 8000 BC! Shoes have an obvious protective function and early man probably fashioned shoes with protection only in mind. As history went on, however, shoes became a great way to make a fashion statement as well as providing an important function. Shoes, in addition to protecting ones feet, can also be a status symbol at times. Historically, shoe style and fashion has been all over the map. From the primitive footwear worn by the ancients to the stylish glittering styles made popular by the pop icons of today, footwear has always been the perfect way to make a statement. Your costume look will be brought to life by choosing the perfect pair of shoes to enhance your costume look. Dorothy wouldn't be Dorothy without her ruby slippers; just the way Jack Sparrow requires his buccaneer boots to give him perfectly pirate swagger.