Ears, Tails and Noses

Costume Ears, Tails and Noses

Our huge selection of ears, tails and noses is going to give you plenty that will both amuse and inspire you when it comes to putting together your costume. Make sure you have the right small but necessary components or prosthetics to make your look come together with silly and quite literal accuracy.

Pig tails, Elephant ears, Clown noses and Devil ears! No matter what costume look you are trying to recreate, the focus will always be primarily on your face. Getting the make up or facial features that are appropriate for your character will get you well on your way to a costume look that is superlatively detailed. If you get the face right, the rest is easy. Depending on the character you have chosen, make a mental note of any unique features in your persona's face that may come into play, and that you will want to emphasize in your costume. For example, a pair of mouse ears is absolutely imperative for any mouse costume. A pig outfit has to have a snout nose. A mischievous devil is going to need horns and perhaps even a tail. The point is, although small, these facial design features make all the difference when putting together your costume ensemble.