Eyelashes & Nails

Costume Eyelashes and Nails

Our selection of false eyelashes, false fingernails as well as dramatic nail polishes is going to help you create a little more of a sensation this Halloween with some snazzy details that are sure to create a huge impact.

Nail polish, Eyelashes and Fancy halloween nails! In about 1916, a film director named D.W. Griffith designed the first pair of false eyelashes for the young starlet that was starring in his forgettable movie. His goal was to create lashes so long that they would elegantly brush on her cheek when she blinked or looked coyly downward. Although his movie was quickly forgotten, the dramatic effect that these false eyelashes had on Hollywood, and women in general was far more memorable. The dramatic look of these thick and full lashes makes eyes look amazingly large and expressive. This is important for Hollywood purposes, too - but many women find that the judicious use of false eyelashes as part of their daily routine has spectacular results as well. For daily use, heavily dramatic and huge eyelashes aren't very realistic, but for a costume look these types of lashes can be very effective in achieving an stylish look around your eyes. Pop open your peepers with sexy lashes, or add some dramatic colored lashes for a more electrifying effect. Many costumes can also be enhanced by the addition of appropriate false fingernails and these can run quite a range, from the sexy and glamorous, to the really long, curling and frightening type of fingernails that are absolutely perfect to get into character for a witch or other Halloween ghoul.