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Costume Eyewear and Glasses

An easy and dramatic effect can be added to your costume by picking appropriate eyewear. Through eyeglasses you can accentuate the time period of your costume or some looks are going to make your costume seem a lot crazier. Glasses appropriate for Groucho Marx, Clark Kent, Blues Brothers, John Lennon, professors, Austin Powers, nerds - you name it we have it. Make sure you give your costume one of the most powerful accessories you can by using appropriate eyewear!

Elvis Presley glasses, Nerd, Harry Potter, Ben Franklin and Blues Glasses! What's the easiest way to change your entire appearance? Throw on a pair of glasses! Eyeglasses traditionally have been worn for eye protection or to improve vision. The most rudimentary magnification lenses date as far back as the first century AD! The first known pair of eyeglasses dates back to approximately the year 1286, thus eyewear has been around for a very long time with obvious modern advancements and improvements made throughout the years. Although the basic premise of eyeglasses has been largely the same throughout time, the styles and types of eyewear worn have varied quite a bit according to the whims of fashion. As soon as someone puts on a pair of cat eyeglasses you are taken immediately back to the 1950's, much in the same way as a pair of small round peepers might make you think of the 1960's. Eyeglasses were and are a very important fashion accessory.