Fangs & Teeth

Costume Fangs and Teeth

Fangs have been associated with Vampires ever since Hollywood put one of these creepy undead creatures up on the silver screen. Use our complete collection of fangs and teeth to get that perfect Halloween grin and then when all else fails, just smile and wave.

Vampire fangs, Glow in the dark, Dracula and Werewolf! Sharp teeth or fangs were a necessary and convenient (as well as dramatic) way of piercing the skin in order for the Vampire to "feed". Obviously Vampires had an insatiable craving as well as need to feast on the lifeblood of the living, and even a once calm, suave and charismatic Vampire was known to get all crazy and super beastly at the thought of getting his bloody reward. In the movies, his fangs seemed to grow right before our eyes, as he'd go straight in for the jugular. Vampires aren't the only Halloween creatures with distinctive dental issues. Werewolves for example, have very distinctive canine-like characteristics to their teeth as well because of their close relation to wolves and also the need to use their teeth to create all sorts of havoc on various victims. In other instances, it just wouldn't work to have pretty pearly whites when you are trying to pull off the look of something creepy, ghoulish and monstrous. Bad and rotting teeth are really scary and we have just the icky and decayed ones you will be looking for this Halloween. Believe me, these teeth would make even the most seasoned dentist cringe. "I can't smile without you, I can't laugh and I can't sing, I'm finding it hard to do anything..." All right, you get the idea. They say to receive a smile you must first give one away. I have no idea what kind of smile you are going to get back by throwing any of these around, but one thing is for sure, life is going to get a lot more interesting.