Finishing Touches

Costume Finishing Touches

Our giant selection of finishing touch accessories include things like hosiery, masks, hair extensions, gloves, weapons, make-up kits as well as practical items like wig caps and spirit gum. Whatever the little details are that you need to complete your costume look and make it fabulous, you are likely to find it in our vast array of perfect finishing touches.

Bandanas, Suspenders, Earrings, Toy dynamite sticks and Sherlock Holmes pipe! The "finish" implies the end of something. Once the 'Finish Line' is crossed then the race is over. Finishing School was where girls would go to learn the final social graces in order to fully complete their womanly education. Finishing touches work much the same way; until you've got them in place, your costume look probably isn't fully completed. The finishing touches include simple little accessory items that pack a big wallop. With the simple addition of these little details, your character is going to come to life. The little touches really do mean a lot, especially when it comes to creating the perfect Halloween costume.