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Gangster Accessories

Gangster Accessories

If you are looking to recreate the look of an infamous mobster, you are going to need the appropriate accessories to really pull the look off perfectly. Our collection of gangster accessories includes hats, ties, play money, gangster style shoes--and in case things go wrong, we have some cool prosthetics that will help you to create wounds that look like bullet holes.

Fedora Hat, Gangster Tie, Gangster Shoes and Gangster Shirt! Al Capone. Lucky Luciano. Carlos Gambino. Frank Costello. These are just a few of the names of the more notorious gangsters that have come out of history. From the late 1920's through the 1960's these bad boys not only had a reputation for some very serious criminal activity, but were also quite notorious for their prolific as well as enterprising bravado. Prone to extreme violence in order to perpetuate their agenda, these mobsters ruled the seedier underworld that was filled with illegal activities such as prostitution, gambling and bootlegging. The image of yesterday's gangster brings to mind a suave almost gentlemanly guy, dressed to the nines in a Zoot suit and tie, Fedora hat along with a snazzy pair of spit-shined oxford shoes. If it wasn't for that deadly machine-gun hidden away in that violin case...well, this guy could almost pass for a dandy. Yesteryear's mob bosses were some of the most notorious criminals to come out of history. Recreating one of these legendary looks is easy when you have the right gear. Shop our gangster accessory collection for everything you need to live on the lam.