Gloves & Mitts

Costume Gloves and Mitts

No matter what part of history you are trying to recreate through your costume, from ancient days to something much more modern, there likely is a pair of gloves that could enhance your look. We have utilitarian styles, sexy styles, scary styles, weird styles...whatever style of glove you are looking for you are likely to find it here in our selection. The perfect pair of gloves is just what you need to accentuate your costume look!

Opera gloves, Skeleton gloves, Cat in the Hat mitts and Spiderman gloves! Throughout the ages, gloves have been worn for protective purposes and are an important fashion element. References to the use of gloves go as far back as 400 BC and by the 13th century ladies were wearing gloves regularly as an important fashion accessory. These gloves were often made of various types of skin or of fur. By the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth had created quite a stir with her passion for heavily ornamented gloves that were embellished with embroidery and jewels. She was known to put them as well as take them off, primarily to draw attention to her very lovely hands. Fancy, and ornamental gloves quickly became part of most royal Emperor and King's insignia.