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If you are recreating a particular weapon-toting character for Halloween, you may need an appropriate toy weapon to accentuate and accessorize your costume. Your cowboy look is going to be perfect with a low-slung holster and a pair of Western revolvers. Your pirate ensemble will be extra snazzy with an appropriate pirate pistol tucked into your trousers. You can amp up the complete costume look with a nice little stash of appropriate pretend ammo tucked into a large bullet belt! Whatever your toy weapon needs are, check out our complete collection of toy AK-47's, Uzi's, Tommy guns, Kentucky pistols and lots of gun-related accessories.

Cap gus, Ak47, M16, Holsters, Tommy guns, Kentucky pistol and Western guns! A gun is a projectile-based weapon. The gun is designed with a hollow tube-shaped barrel with a closed end. The mechanism of the gun is such that a trigger initiates a process in which the projectile is directed, stabilized and then fired. Although guns as we know them today have been around for a long time, the earliest gun-like weapons were used in China, and were more like tubular shaped flame throwers. These "fire-lances" were basically tubes filled with gunpowder and then were attached to the end of a spear. Pow! Guns are important apparatus for many occupations. Policemen always carry these types of weapons, and often various military personnel do as well. Back in the days of the Wild West, it was commonplace for men to carry guns strapped to their bodies in some type of a holster.