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Halloween Hair Products

Halloween is a great time to be a bit adventurous with your hairstyle. Whether you are looking for a temporary spray in color, some bright and dramatic extensions, or some very cute or clever hair accessories, these accents will add a lot of flair as well as unique personality to your costume look.

Hairspray, Glitter, Wigs and Glow in the dark hairspray! As long as there have been human beings with hair, there have been crazy things being done to it. As far back as the time of the Ancient Egyptians, there is evidence that women would use the dried out bones of fish in order to craft combs to be used in their hair. An early shampoo used by the Ancient Egyptians was made out of citrus juice and water. Conditioning was accomplished by using various animal fats and plant oils. Divas! Women weren't the only ones obsessed with their grooming and hair. In about 1500 BC slaves were known to curl the hair of Kings and men of nobility using hot heated iron rods. European women in the 1300's actually used a conditioner of sorts made from dead lizards that were boiled in olive oil. After this treatment, the women then pulled their hair up as high as they could on their heads. The point was, to try and make their necks look as long as possible as a long neck in those days was equated with great beauty.