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Arabian swords, Indian tomahawk, Roman helmet, Roman armor and Sherif badge! Every era in history has had fashion and accessories that were associated with it. From the time of the Ancient Egyptians who wore elaborate golden jeweled collars and cuff bracelets, to the Roman Empire's Gladiator's who donned sandals and fierce helmets, accessories were an important part of each era's styles, both for practical as well as fashion purposes. The right accessories are the perfect way to get your historical look just right, with every necessary subtle innuendo pulled together. Pilgrim hats, tomahawks, parasols, swords, helmets and many assorted varieties of shoes are going to give you plenty of great accessories to choose from that represent many different time periods from days gone by. These historical replicas of various accessories will add style and flair to your costume while you present an interesting characterization that looks as if it walked right out of a history book!