Holiday Costume Accessories

No matter which holiday you are celebrating, it's bound to be a lot more exciting and fun when you dress up in an appropriate holiday costume, accentuated of course with some fabulous holiday accessories. From Santa wigs, beards and hats to lots of patriotic favorites for the 4th of July, our complete line of festive as well as fun holiday accessories is going to give you numerous options for a costume that is not only memorable, but also fits the occasion to a tee!

Elf and santa shoes, Assorted beads, Santa wig and beard, Bunny heads and USA glasses! Ahh Holidays...! We all look forward to them as they often provide both a reason to celebrate as well as to perhaps get some time off from the normal every day routine. There are all sorts of holidays that are celebrated throughout the year for many different reasons. Here are some of the more common holidays that are celebrated in the U.S. They are definitely something for you to get excited about!

New Year's Day-A big celebration commemorating the start of the new calendar year, and traditionally is considered a time to begin anew. Valentine's Day- February the 14th is a day used to celebrate love and romance. St. Patrick's Day -The wearing o' the green happens on St. Patrick's Day, a holiday focused on Irish tradition and culture. Easter- A religious holiday celebrated by Christians to remember the resurrection of Jesus. Memorial Day-Honors the nations war dead and celebrates their service and sacrifice. This holiday is the traditional kick off holiday to begin summer. July 4-Independence Day is a celebration that commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Labor Day-Honors the achievements of worker's and the labor movement. Halloween-This really could be the best holiday of the year as far as we are concerned! Halloween is a celebration where kids and adults dress up in costume, go trick or treating and have Halloween parties! Veterans Day-Veteran's day is a holiday to honor all Veterans of the US Armed Forces. Thanksgiving-Thanksgiving is a traditional celebration used to give thanks for the autumn harvest or life's bounty. Christmas-Christmas is a Christian religious holiday that commemorates the birth of Jesus in Nazareth. There are many secular aspects of this holiday today, and is commonly celebrated by numerous non-Christians.