Jewelry, Wands & Boas

Jewelry, Wands and Boas

When putting your costume together, the use of the various adornments of jewelry, wands and boas can be a critical accessory that is important to your characterization. Cleopatra needs her golden cuffs just the way a fairy Godmother needs her magic wand. Don't forget these simple accessories to bring charm, pizzazz and magic right into your costume selection!

Harry Potter wand, Fairy, Earrings, Gold bracelets and Peace pendant! Jewelry represents accessory items that date back centuries to the time of the earliest man. The Ancient Egyptians may have started the earliest, well-known use of jewelry, and became infamous for their distinctive jewelry styles that have been uncovered through various archaeological studies as well as many that are depicted in Ancient Egyptian art. The Egyptians often used brightly colored gemstones as well as gold to craft their jewelry, which was made by skilled artisans who made jewelry as their profession. The Ancient Egyptians believed that gemstones had mystical and magical powers, and these powers were also associated with various types of jewelry. Because of the deep symbolism attached to their jewelry, it was a very significant as well as an important part of their lifestyle and culture. Even today, the use of jewelry can be both culturally symbolic as well as just for adornment purposes. Synthetic materials have become readily available for jewelry making and easily emulate the natural gems and metals once used exclusively in its creation, thus allowing all social status' of people to wear and enjoy the beauty of jewelry. Magic wands have been traditionally used in stories and science fiction tales for one primary purpose, and that was for spell casting of one sort or another. This tool, often looking like a simple stick or straight slim rod, is usually made from wood, ivory, stone, metal or even plastic. The variations of spells that are cast using these magic wands vary greatly depending on who is using it and how they obtained their powers. A fairy Godmother would have a much different purpose in using her magic wand than would Gandalf of The Lord of the Rings. The one purpose these wands seem to all have in common is that they are used to draw upon some form of mystic or magical powers. Feather boas gained their greatest popularity sometime around 1820 although it's possible that they may have been worn as early as the 1700's. Feather boa's, simply are a scarf-like accessory that is worn around the neck, but the boa is fashioned entirely of feathers that have been bleached and/or dyed and then glued or stitched into long lengths. Boas have come in and out of fashion and through the ages have been considered to be everything from elegant to garish, depending on the time period. Boas are a favorite accessory of various types of entertainers and dancers.