Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Accessories

If you are recreating the look of a police officer for Halloween, you will need some basic accessories to complete your ensemble and we have all those right here for you in our collection of law enforcement accessories. Handcuffs, aviator sunglasses, utility belts, badges and hats are here for your selection. Make your law enforcement experience a little more imaginative and fun with a police gun n' garter set, Hottie police glitter tattoos and a double gun holster purse. Take your suspect into custody in style with our complete line of police costume accessories.

Handcuffs, Whistle, Police Badges, sheriff badges and Police hats! Police officers are designated by individual states to enforce the laws, protect property and to maintain civil order. Police officers are authorized to use a certain degree of necessary force depending on the circumstances in order to ensure public safety. Other functions of the police include regulating traffic, crowd control, detaining motorists for various infractions made while driving and other functions imperative to pubic safety. Uniformed police officers wear a distinctive type of uniform that is designed to be easily recognizable as well as functional. Often dark blue, brown or dark green, the police officer's uniform has many unique features. Firearms, often handguns are usually carried by police officers. Other less lethal weapons are carried as well including batons, rubber bullets, and electro-shock weapons. Handcuffs are carried in order to restrain suspects. Radios, both hand held and in-vehicle are utilized to communicate with other police officers, call for assistance, or to get information or background on potential suspects. Police vehicles, typically a dark colored 4-door sedan, are used for patrolling and detaining as well as transporting suspects. Marked police vehicles are easily recognizable by their distinctive logos and light bars on top of the cars. These vehicles are also equipped with loud sirens.