Makeup - Adhesives, Sealers

Makeup - Adhesives and Sealers!

We have everything you need to apply your prosthetics, clown noses or eerie skin textures. Spirit gum makes a great adhesive and will hold things in place for hours. Liquid latex is great for attaching clown noses as well as to blend the edges of a baldhead skin cap. It's also perfect for creating unusual or grisly scars and other heinous skin wounds or growths. Liquid latex also can come in handy for applying pre-made prosthetics and holding them into place.

Spirit Gum, Liquid Latex, Prosthetic Sealer and Adhesives! Today's Halloween makeup goes far beyond just simplistic application. With realistic prosthetics and other special effects used to create dramatic (and creepy!) results, you are going to need proper tools in order to successfully apply (as well as remove) these makeup accessories. We also have adhesive removers so that when the party is over, you can easily remove all the applied horror with relative ease! Check out our complete selection of make-up adhesives and sealers!