Makeup - Airbrush

Makeup - Airbrushes

The use of an Airbrush can create amazing and dramatic effects with make up that could not be obtained in any other way. The smooth and seamless application lends itself to many types of makeup processes, from stencil use to shading as well as adding color and texture to wounds and scars. We have a wide variety of colors in our Airbrush paint selection as well as basic tools and how-to manuals to get you started.

Airbrush Needles, Airbrush Makeup and Airbrush Books! The Airbrush is a small tool that is operated with air. Media such as ink and paint is sprayed out in an extremely fine mist that offers a smooth application that is perfectly blended almost seamlessly. One color can easily blend into another with very soft edges. The earliest use of Airbrush makeup application was in the feature film Ben Hur. With the recent advent of Hi-def televisions that see things in greater detail than ever before, there has been an increased need and a resurgence of the use of Airbrush makeup application.