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Makeup - Glitter

Makeup - Glitter

When it comes to Halloween costume drama, the judicious and liberal use of glitter makeup can create superlative special effects in your makeup look. We have a wide variety of glitter make up colors to create many types of looks. Glitter hair spray is a quick and easy way to get a sparkly effect in your hair with a very easy application process. Glitter nail polish can add some twinkle to your fingernails, too! Make any Halloween costume absolutely sparkle with the addition of glitter makeup!

Glitter spray, Gel glitter blood and Glitter hair spray! Looking to put some sparkle back into your life? Perhaps a little glitter makeup in your Halloween look is what you are looking for to get the job done. From the earliest days of man, small light-reflecting particles have been used to add a little shimmer to artwork. In very primitive cave paintings that date back from 40,000-200 BC, mica flakes were mixed into the paint to create these sparkly properties. In 1934, a machinist named Henry Ruschmann of New Jersey invented a way to grind up plastics into tiny little particles, which created a substance that we now commonly know as glitter. By the 1960's, major cosmetic houses were using glittery additives in their products and introduced shimmering powders, lipsticks and eye shadows into their cosmetic lines. During the 1980's, many of the heavy metal hair bands were mixing glitter into their hair gels and styling products in order to get extra sparkle and pizzazz while they were up on stage. The early 1990's brought the advent of the glitter pen - which was marketed to Tweens.