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Makeup Kits

Werewolves, witches, vampires, skeletons, pirates, ghouls, zombies, kitties - are just some of the makeup kits we have for you to try. Use your own face to its full advantage with elaborate makeup effects that will give you a fabulous, professional look with relative ease!

Vampire kits, Clown kits, Witch kits and Devil kits! Makeup is a wonderful and effective alternative to wearing a mask when you are trying to obtain a dramatic look for Halloween. Makeup certainly is more comfortable to wear, but getting the look 'just right' can be tricky business. Masks are easy and convenient to wear, but you can't alter the look in any way and sometimes they get hot and uncomfortable. Makeup offers great flexibility and creative options to the user, but it does take a little bit of doing. By using makeup instead of a mask, your friends may still actually recognize you, which in most cases is a good thing. Our makeup kits offer a great solution for those that want the look and flexibility that makeup offers when creating a dramatic look, without any of the confusion and stress. These kits come with complete instructions and how-to's so that creating each individual makeup style is fairly easy. We also have a number of various makeup applications to choose from - so you will be able to find the exact makeup look you want. Be sure to check out our HOW TO VIDEOS. We feature step-by-step instructions on how to use inexpensive makeup to compliment your costume.