Makeup - Vampire

Vampire Makeup

Many of our kits have everything you need to create a perfect Vampire look and to make it extra easy on you these kits come with complete instructions as well as step by step how to's!

Vampire kits, Blood, Vampir fangs and Vampire bite! Vampire costumes often require special makeup in order to make the Vampire appear as "undead" as possible and creating a dramatic and frightful image at the same time. Vampires, traditionally a nocturnal being, are notoriously pale and depending on how far you want to take the look, you can add all sorts of creepy details to the Vampire persona to add to his complete scariness. Pale faces and dark, sunken eyes are a great way to start off the look. Before you know it, you will have created an amazing Vampire look with makeup that looks professional, yet it was completely easy and simple to do! If you're looking for help on how to create a vampire (or vampiress) look, check out our HOW TO video on how to create your own Vampiress look using inexpensive vampire make up.