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Ninja Accessories

Ninja Accessories

Ninjas have a very distinct image that Hollywood has created for them as well as embellished. Known as stealthy, nocturnal agents that would sneak up on their enemies to commit acts of violence, Ninjas were nothing to be messed with. Recreate the ultimate covert and cunning warrior figure for Halloween or any other dress up adventure with our Ninja accessories!

Ninja Sword, Ninja Sais, Nunchucks and Ninja Masks! Although most Ninjas today are portrayed wearing all black, true Ninjas actually dressed in Navy Blue to blend into their surroundings during nighttime operations. Ninjas were known to also dress in appropriate disguises and infiltrate enemy camps in order to obtain information or to commit assassinations. Ninjas have always been known for committing very unorthodox acts of war. The Katana is the most common weapon associated with Ninjas, and serves many purposes. It is a moderately curved Japanese sword with a blade usually longer than about 2 feet. The grip of a Katana is quite long which enables the Ninja to use both hands while battling with it.