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Pantyhose & Stockings

To figure out where stockings and pantyhose came from historically, you would have to go back hundreds of years into history. The earliest stockings were actually worn by men during the 15th century. This form of hosiery, worn similarly to tights, was a lower body garment that was absolutely en vogue during the middle ages, and most every fashion forward male during this era could be found sporting a pair. These hose were made of woven fabrics, as knitting machines had yet to be invented.

Fast forward many years and the average woman didn’t have much use for stockings aside from practical purposes, such as warmth. (Keep in mind that prior to the 1920’s, skirts were still almost always floor length.) Along with the roaring 20’s, a lot of things changed in the world of hosiery in general. The use of stockings became popular with the everyday woman because skirt lengths were also rising and it became necessary to cover the exposed part of the leg. These stockings were initially made from sheer silk or rayon; the use of nylon to make stockings came along sometime around 1940.

Stockings in the 1920’s were comprised of a separate piece, one for each leg, each stocking ending at the top of the upper thigh. Generally, a garter belt was the preferred methodology of holding these stockings in place. Sometime in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s, certain actresses and dancers found that the use of stockings and garter belts wasn’t exactly meeting their needs. The first rudimentary pantyhose were invented during this time by sewing stockings into their briefs, creating a pair of hosiery that was all one piece. By 1959, pantyhose were readily available to the masses and many women embraced the idea of wearing them as they could ditch their garter belts once and for all.

Today, the use of pantyhose definitely has its pros and cons amongst women at large. There is definitely a greater allure, aesthetic value as well as much greater sex appeal with thigh high hosiery in combination with a garter belt. Many women also feel that because the crotch is still open with this look, that this is a healthier alternative as well as it allows for better ventilation in the crotch area. Even still, the convenience of pantyhose is undeniable and many women prefer to wear them for warmth, their sleek appearance under clothing and also to avoid using a garter belt.

In today’s lingerie world, women have many, many choices and no matter what your hosiery preferences are, you can find looks that fit the bill for any mood or fashion look. Our selection of hosiery includes hundreds of styles, colors and fabric choices so that you can find the perfect hosiery that will accessorize and accentuate any look you may be trying to recreate. From basics to the ultra sexy and glamorous looks, our selection of hosiery and pantyhose offers all that you need to make you feel perfectly sexy from the inside out!