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Sailor Accessories

Sailor Accessories

Sailor costumes are extremely popular both for Halloween or other costume dress up, including various patriotic holidays that might be fun to dress up for. Having the right distinctive accessories to complete your sailor look is an element you won't want to overlook. Corncob pipes, sailor caps, and pretend tattoos are just a few of the little touches that you can add to enhance your nautical ensemble to its upmost perfection. Ships Ahoy!

Sailor Hats, Sailor Boots and Anchor Thigh Highs! Sailor and nautical looks reflect the perfect juxtaposition of the patriotic and the practical. Today's nautical looks are both literal or inspired versions of the uniforms of enlisted seamen thus the natural patriotic association with them. Of course since most nautical looks are created in red, white and blue, they will always be deeply associated with the love of America and American culture. Aside from being patriotic, these nautical looks also pay homage to the military seamen serving our country as part of the armed forces. The most recognizable elements of the sailor uniform are the very large collar and the wide legged trousers. This style of pants was very easy for a sailor to roll up to perform tasks on the ship or in case there were an inordinate amount of water aboard.