Halloween Stencils

If you are apprehensive about getting the makeup just right, a stencil can be an easy as well as effective way to get great and very professional looking results. With hundreds of designs to choose from, our selection of stencils is going to give you many options that you can be very excited about!

Stencils kits, Pumpkin carving stencil books and Halloween stencils! Stencils are one of the most ancient ways that artists used to get their designs onto a surface. As far back as 10,000 BC there is evidence that prehistoric men used their own hands as stencils as they blew pigment of some sort out of a hollowed out bone with their mouth which in turn sprayed paint over the top of their hand, creating a hand shape within their cave painting or other artwork. Stencils are basically thin sheets of paper, plastic or metal with some kind of design or letters cut out from it. These stencils can be used to create a design easily and accurately and can be reused many times, which makes it easy to get an identical design repeated over and over. This technique has been handy over the years for many types of artwork and even in the dying or coloring of designs onto fabrics. At Halloween time stencils have many useful purposes and will help you through many artistic dilemmas you might face. Stencils are an easy alternative to free handing designs onto your pumpkin before you carve it and offer an easy solution when trying to create intricate designs. There are also fabulous stencils available to use for various facial make up effects for Halloween, including designs for clowns, fairy princesses, lions, geisha and devils.