Stockings, Tights & Socks

Stockings, Tights and Socks

Our huge selection of stockings, tights and socks are going to enhance and add personality, fashion and even some sex appeal to your Halloween costume. Fishnet stockings, thigh-high stockings with bows, glow in the dark spider web tights, striped stockings and socks as well as many more options for enhancing your costume ensemble to it's upmost advantage. Stockings, tights and socks are a small accessory that makes a big difference. Don't forget yours!

Pantyhose, Clown socks, Seamless tights and Adult stockings!During the 1500's, it was fashionable for men to wear stockings that actually appeared much more like tights instead of pants. These garments, designed to cover the lower half of the body, including the legs were usually made of woven fabrics such as linen, wool and silk, as knitting machines had not been invented yet. As time went on, women's fashion changed, and hemlines began to rise, creating a need for some sort of hosiery items for women as well. In about 1920, coinciding with shorter skirt lengths, it became popular for women to wear stockings as a fashion accessory or for various aesthetic reasons. Stockings were also practical to wear for additional warmth. Stockings, not pantyhose, were the norm during this time period and were held up by garters, garter belts or the stockings were designed in such a way to hold themselves up, with an elastic or other gripping material at the top part that encircled the thigh.