Costume Tattoos

Although today tattooing serves many purposes from the more traditional to those that are more sacred or innovative, tattoo's still are an inherent part of many character looks. Your Halloween or other costume will be enhanced greatly by the addition of appropriate, temporary tattoos. With tattoo's you can express the personality of a biker, gangster, sailor, pirate or a rapper - or you can just add some design and flair to your costume with this exciting body art.

Miami ink tattoos, Halloween tattoos, Tattoo covers, Bullet hole and Removable tattoos! Although today tattooing is a very common practice, it's roots actually go deep into history. There have been mummified remains of bodies with tattoos of various designs and types of artwork discovered, which date back thousands of years. In recent years, a frozen mummy was unearthed from the mountains between Italy and Austria. The mummified remains had approximately 57 tattoos! Mummies from Ancient Egypt have also been discovered with similar types of body art. Depending on which era in history the person lived and what part of the world they lived in, the tattooing could have various symbolic or religious meanings. The earliest tattoos may have actually happened quite accidentally. If someone had an open wound or injury that would mistakenly get sodden with soot, dirt or ashes and then eventually heal over, the person would soon discover that this mark on the skin became permanent. Eventually men would create designs, marks or forms of artwork in much the same way, essentially just inserting a colored material underneath the skins surface.