Ties, Canes, Sashes

Ties, Canes and Sashes

If your costume look needs some last minute detailing to give it a little punch or pizzazz, peruse our selection of canes, bow ties and sashes to get those little accessories that are going to finish off your look with finesse as well as polish!

Bow ties, Animal head canes, Harry Potter tie and Shepherd's crook! Canes, or walking sticks, likely have been in existence since the earliest Homo sapiens discovered that walking through rough and rugged terrain could be made easier by leaning on a stick of some sort. These walking sticks have taken many forms, from literal sticks to those that were made very ornately for use by royalty. Walking sticks sometimes have been cleverly designed in order to serve dual purposes. Throughout history things like hidden flasks, umbrellas or even swords have been hidden inside of canes. Bow ties likely descend from the traditional cravat, which began as a fashion that originated with the Croatian mercenaries during the Prussian Wars of the 17th century. Men in those days would tie a scarf around their necks in order to hold the opening of their shirts together. Bow ties have many stereotypical associations with various occupations such as attorneys, accountants, bill-collectors, professors, waiters and politicians.