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Trick or Treat Bags

Nowadays, trick or treating is a much more friendly activity with anxious participants and treat givers alike. With so many homeowners planning on and anticipating costumed children to come to their doors on Halloween, the average trick or treater can expect to receive a large amount of candy and treats on Halloween night. These treats need to be stored somewhere while out and about, and that is where our selection of Halloween pails and treat bags definitely comes in handy. We have a number of styles and types of pails and bags that are perfect for Halloween treat collecting, so you are sure to find the best choice for your expected candy haul.

Candy Pails, Candy Bags, Candy Cubes |and Halloween Candy Bags! The practice of trick or treating stems from an ancient custom where poor folk would dress up in costume and in exchange for prayers for the dead, they would ask for food or money. This custom was brought with immigrants to America and gained renewed popularity in the early half of the 20th century. Initially trick or treating was actually an act of mild mischief, thus the term "trick or treat." There was a small bit of coercion going on as kids begged for treats, insinuating at the same time that if they weren't given an appropriate treat, a mild act of mischief or vandalism might be perpetuated on the homeowner.