TV & Movie Accessories

TV and Movies Accessories

Lady Gaga scarves, Buzz LightYear jet packs, Captain America shields, genie lamps, stethoscopes, crystal balls, glasses and hundreds of other possible accessories to enhance any costume look you are going for. If you need a TV or movie accessory for your costume you are likely to find it right here. Bring your favorite stars to life this Halloween and when you do, make sure they are dressed to the nines!

Blues hat, Sherlock Holmes pipe, Zorro accessories and Cat In The Hat accessories!Some of the best costume ideas come from favorite television and movie characters. These characters cover a wide range of personas, such as superheroes, action movie stars, comedians, animated characters, horror figures, pop stars and science fiction heroes. Dressing up as a television or movie character is a great way to bring a well known as well as popular figure to life. Television and movie characters are easily recognizable. Emulating their look through wearing a costume is a fun way to get into a new character that is perhaps far removed from your everyday life, but has exciting characteristics that are fun to play-act, at least for a night. Once you've decided on the TV or movie character you want to dress up as, it's important to consider the accessories you will need in order to make the most of the costume look. This is where our huge collection of TV and Movie accessories is going to come into play. It's all in the details sometimes and that is what this collection is comprised of - all the nice little stuff that packs a big wallop. We have everything you have thought of, plus few extra things that you may not have even considered.