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Vampire Accessories

Vampire Accessories

Vampire looks are one of the most popular costume choices ever and for good reason. They are sexy, suave and charismatic characters that almost seem human--except that minor little detail about fighting a wicked desire for human blood. Make sure you have everything you need to make your Vampire look as fresh from the crypt as possible with our chilling selection of vampire accoutrements.

Vampire nails, Teeth, Hands, Vampire capes, Blood and fangs! I want to suck your blood! But first I need to get the right teeth. Yeah, that definitely helps! If you are looking for some super accessories to take you right into the dark world of the 'undead' -- this collection of all things Vampire is just what you are looking for. Obviously we have fangs; many kinds in fact, including glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth that your friends will see coming in the dark long before they actually see you. (Creepy!) We also have wigs, (you just gotta have the right hair!) chokers, makeup, bow ties, capes, icky fingernails, gothic glasses (very cool) and the most necessary accessory of all--lots of fake blood. We have some pretty awesome zombie blood that is going to add some horror as well as gore to your vampire look. Make sure and drip a little of this out of the corners of your mouth--it gives a nice, 'just fed' look to your character, or you can even add some to any nearby potential victims as well.